The Safest Baby Monitor System

Zero Wireless Emission Baby Monitor
Bebcare DSR Technology
No Compromise to Safety

Bebcare Digital Safe Radio technology reduces wireless radiation by over 90% compared to other digital baby monitors. Rest assured your baby is protected by Bebcare without compromise to product safety


The Safest Baby Monitor System

Protect your baby with the world's lowest emission and longest battery life baby monitor. Bebcare baby monitor gives you a peace of mind you need.

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Amazing Safety Features


Bebcare Customer Testimonials


The battery life and wireless range of my Bebcare Motion video baby monitor is amazing! This baby monitor gives me comfort knowing my baby is safe.

Author name

Los Angeles, CA


I have gone through two other video monitors, but Bebcare Motion is still the best performing baby monitor. It's reliable, battery-life is great, video quality is excellent.

Cedric M.

San Francisco, CA


I love my Bebcare Hear and the smart breathing sensor mat. I can't live without my Bebcare baby monitor set!

Leslie A.

Seattle, WA


No white noise! This one is a savior because I'm very sensitive to noise when it comes to sleeping

Sally Jamieson

New York, NY


This was the best baby shower gift we received. The Bebcare Motion has tons of safety features.

Yasmin Odin

Tampa, FL

A Digital Audio Baby Monitor
Bebcare Hear

If you’re not keen on building a mini video surveillance fortress around your baby, the Bebcare Hear audio monitor is an excellent bet. Designed with simplicity in mind, the Hear is an essential baby monitor in your babycare toolkit.

Sensing Your Baby's Breathing
Bebcare Breathing Sensor Mat

Bebcare Breathing Sensor Mat is designed to be placed under baby’s crib mattress where it senses subtle breathing movements while baby sleeps, so you can sleep better too.

A Hybrid Wifi Video Baby Monitor
Bebcare iQ

The Bebcare iQ combines the best of WiFi and traditional monitors to help you cope coolly in moments of crisis. Keep an eye on your roving baby with the 1080p HD camera, 360-degree pan-and-tilt capabilities and infrared night vision.

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Safety matters


Than your average baby monitor on the market. Safety is what matters.

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