Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

All users’ privacy is respected and protected for use of the app. It is inevitable to collect some necessary information and call certain phone functions to meet users’ specific requirements. Details about information collection and use in such circumstances are explained in this privacy statement.

Range of Application

  1. Any personal data is not required and collected when users are downloading and using this app.
  2. This app will call some certain phone functions and services such as recording or snapshot when users request. The corresponding generated data is only for users to check.

Data use

a) Use of camera on users’ phones

It happens when users request to scan the QR code of the product he bought. Calling of camera discontinues after the product’s UID has been correctly recognized.

b) Use of recording on user’s phone

It happens when users request for voice intercom. Recording data is transmitted to the product to play through network.

c) Use of network ccess

It happens when users request to steer their products. Users’ instructions are normally transmitted from the app to the product through network, and may be relayed through a relay server and then transmitted to the product for lack of a stable network.

Update of the Privacy Statement

All rights are reserved at our full and complete discretion to modify, add and subtract portions of this privacy statement. Please check for any updates.

Contact Us

Please feel free to send email to when you have any concerns about this policy statement.