Tips on Creating a Low Wireless Emissions Environment for Your Family

It's not too difficult to create a low wireless emissions environment that's safer for you and your baby. Here are some quick tips on transforming your home and work place into a emissions free environment.

Place WiFi Routers Further Away from Your Baby

The further away the source of wireless emissions, the lower its power. WiFi router is one of the most common sources of wireless emissions at home or office. You should consider placing the router away from children or yourself. Power is often measured in milliWatt (mW), meaning you want to purchase a router with a lower power rating.

Put Your Phones Away from Your Nightstand

One of the most common mistakes is putting your smartphone on the nightstand next to your bed. This exposes you and your family to several hours of constant exposure to wireless radiation as you sleep. Try placing the phone at least 10 feet away, or even putting it into Airplane mode.

Use a Low Wireless Emissions Baby Monitor

Your baby monitor acts as the communication bridge between your baby and you. Therefore, it's of utmost importance that the baby monitor operates in a safe, ultra-low emissions manner. Bebcare baby monitors utilizes DSR Digital Safe Radio technology, which emits less than 10% of wireless radiation compared to other products.

Pick a Home that's Far Away from Power Plants and Wireless Towers

Cellphone and communication towers emits the highest doses of wireless radiation. The long term effects of constant exposure to such high doses of EMF radiation is not well understood by the scientific community. It is wise to choose a home that is far away from these sources of high energy wireless signals.

The Bebcare Hear digital audio baby monitor utilizes DSR Technology, emitting less than 10% of wireless emissions compared to similar baby monitors on the market.

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