5 Ways to Check EMF Emissions Safety at Your Home

5 Ways to Check EMF Emissions Safety at Your Home

5 Ways to Check EMF Emissions Safety at Your Home

A Blog Post by Brian Murphy

Many parents are concerned about EMF safety at their home, especially after they welcome the arrival of their first child. Bebcare low emissions baby monitors are the perfect choice for safety focused parents.

All Bebcare baby monitors are equipped with our unique DSR Digital Safe Radio technology, which reduces monitor wireless emissions by 96% in some cases. You can also read our guide on how to pick the right low emissions baby monitor.

EMF Meter to measure wireless emissions at home

One of the most popular question asked by parents is "how can I ensure my home is EMF safe for myself and my baby?". At the end of the day, every electrical and electronic device is a source of wireless emissions, even the power outlet is a source. What matters is the amount of emissions it gives out!

Here are the top 5 ways to check EMF emissions safety at your home:

  1. Use a certified EMF meter, such as Trifield EMF Meter or EMF Meter Meterk. These are both popular meters that provide accurate measurements of EMF levels.

  2. Check with your city planner office to see if there are major cables, electrical hubs, cellular towers, and power grids near your home.

  3. Every electrical device is a source of EMF. Write down the list of products that are always plugged in and review if they are necessary. The EMF meter should come in handy in measuring the power output of these electrical devices. You should measure EMF at a distance of 3-5 feet.

  4. Wireless signal devices such as WiFi routers and microwaves should be placed outside of your sleeping quarters and away from the baby's crib.

  5. Check the construction material of your apartment or building to see if EMF-safe materials were used. What does "EMF-Safe" materials mean? This means materials that can shield you from electromagnetic waves. Metal structures are effective at acting as a "Faraday Cage", which prevents EMF waves from entering into a room.

Wireless radiation EMF sources at home

Credit: Non toxic munchkin (link)

You can shop for the latest version of Bebcare's ultra-low EMF emissions baby monitors at bebcare.com.

- Brian Murphy

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