Bebcare Academy Knowledge Series - 4 Tips to Regain Good Night Sleep

Bebcare Academy Knowledge Series - 4 Tips to Regain Good Night Sleep

Bebcare Academy Knowledge Series - 4 Tips to Regain Good Night Sleep

A blog post by Brian Murphy

Oh baby! Motherhood is a little different from what you had in mind. Of course, you love your baby more than you could have ever imagined. But you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in weeks, or maybe months! Unfortunately, this sleep deprivation isn’t likely to let up anytime soon.

It’s not easy caring for your baby -- not to mention the rest of your family -- when you are sleep deprived. It’s also dangerous. Drowsy driving, such as driving your infant to the pediatrician when you have had little or no sleep, is responsible for an estimated 100,000 crashes each year, according to the NHTSA statistics.

Here are 4 Easy Tips to Regain a Good Night Sleep! Keep on reading below👇 

4 Tips to Regain Good Night Sleep Bebcare

✅ 1. Say no to added responsibilities!

If you feel guilty about spending less time with your oldest child, you may want to volunteer to go on a trip with their class or take them for a special excursion to the museum. Think twice. “Do not take on any extra responsibilities when you have a newborn at home,” advises Susan Zafarlotfi, PhD, clinical director of the Institute for Sleep and Wake Disorders at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey.

✅ 2. Don’t worry that you won’t hear your baby cry right away

“A baby is a natural alarm clock and mothers tend to be attuned to their baby’s crying,” Park says. If you are concerned that you won’t hear your baby or if the nursery is far away from your bedroom, buy a monitor and keep it near you. Remember that your baby is safe, and if they cry for a few minutes before you hear them, they will be OK.

✅ 3. Rule out underlying sleep disorders.

“Short naps should revive you somewhat, but if you don’t feel like they do, see a professional as there may be an underlying sleep disorder that can be treated,” Park says. Sleep disorders like sleep apnea -- pauses in breathing while you sleep -- are very common among people who gain weight, and may develop due to the weight gain of pregnancy. A sleep study, in which you are monitored while asleep, can identify sleep apnea. Effective and not costly treatments are available.

✅ 4. Stay positive. Keep your eye on the prize!

One day -- maybe tomorrow, maybe when your infant is 8 months -- they will sleep through the night. And so will you. Some babies sleep through the night earlier than others. If your baby is crying all night, talk to your pediatrician as there may be a medical reason -- such as acid reflux or too much gas -- that can be treated.

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- Brian Murphy

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