Bebcare iQ Smart WiFi Baby Monitor awarded by Mothering Magazine!

Bebcare iQ Smart WiFi Baby Monitor awarded by Mothering Magazine!

Bebcare iQ Smart WiFi Baby Monitor awarded by Mothering Magazine!

A blog post by Brian Murphy

When picking a baby monitor, you make sure it’s the very best for your baby. A reliable baby monitor ensures that you can safely and securely keep an eye on baby during naps or long nights sleep- anytime you need to step away. After all, parents need toilet breaks too!

Mothering Magazine recognizes the safety and reliability that comes with Bebcare Baby Monitors. As more parents begin to pay attention to the baby’s environment, having an ultra-low radiation space for the baby to develop is crucial. Bebcare achieves this with our unique DSR technology to keep the emissions at bay. With ultra-low radiation, you can set up multiple cameras around the household all fully controllable with your smartphone, knowing that your baby is kept completely safe from any potential hazards.

Bebcare winning Mothering Magazine safest baby monitor award

What’s special about the Bebcare iQ Baby Monitor is that it’s a hybrid - you can view it on your smartphone or use the audio parent unit to keep an eye on your baby. Mothering loves the Bebcare iQ for the simple fact we’ve created a monitor that can be fully controlled through your smartphone or tablet. It also has a range of high-tech features including sound and temperature detection, a two-way talk option, night vision, white noise silencer and lullabies to choose from, all supervised through your phone- and everything you’ll need to help your baby sleep longer and better.

DSR Ultra-low emission technology

Being a new parent is an exciting and occasionally stressful journey into uncharted territory. There are mountains of things to learn about your baby- rest easy! Bebcare has covered everything you need to keep your little one happy and healthy.

To celebrate the Mothering Magazine award, we are offering 10% OFF the award-winning Bebcare iQ smart WiFi baby monitor. Head over to the Bebcare Shop and purchase the safest baby monitor now!

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