Bebcare is a NAPPA Awards Winner! National Parenting Product Awards 2020

Bebcare is a NAPPA Awards Winner! National Parenting Product Awards 2020

Bebcare is a NAPPA Awards Winner! National Parenting Product Awards 2020

A Blog Post by Brian Murphy

Bebcare is now a proud winner of the National Parenting Products Awards, a.k.a. NAPPA awards. We are incredibly proud of this achievement. It is a true testimony of the performance, design, and safety of Bebcare baby monitors.


To learn more about this wonderful award, please visit the following website:

Here is a quick snippet of the great feedback from the professional reviewers:

“Sleek/slim but has a nice wide screen.”

“I was immediately amazed at the difference in the quality of the picture. Our baby has been sleeping in his own room since week 4 or 5 because he makes a lot of noises while he sleeps, so a monitor has been critical for us. The picture on the one we’ve been using isn’t very high definition, and I find myself using the “zoom in” feature to check in on him in the middle of the night if I wake up and want to make sure he is doing OK. With this monitor, I had such a clear picture last night I didn’t need to do that! It was great to be able to see him so clearly and put my mind at ease.”

“There are so many interesting features on this one! I love that you can talk through the monitor both ways. Despite having so many different features, I found it really user-friendly and easy to navigate and toggle between the different options, so it’s nice that it’s intuitive and easy to figure out.”

“I am impressed with the range – we are currently staying at a family house with multiple levels and this monitor works/has reception in all of the rooms. It also has great battery life which is very convenient as I don’t want to have to charge a monitor constantly and like being able to move it around with me as I move around the house.”

“Investing in a really nice, high quality monitor like this is worth every penny. It’s something I use every day and night so having one that works well is such a good investment and a great gift.”

You can learn more about Bebcare's award-winning baby monitors at

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- Dr. Christine Langer

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