Bebcare Wins Project Father's Top Low EMF Baby Monitors for 2021!

Bebcare Wins Project Father's Top Low EMF Baby Monitors for 2021!

Bebcare Wins Project Father's Top Low EMF Baby Monitors for 2021!

A blog post by Dr. Christine Langer

We are deeply honored to win Project Father's recognition for being a top low EMF baby monitor for 2021. Bebcare low emissions baby monitors are recently featured in an article on Project Father's website. Project Father's website was founded by Dr. Balint Horvath (PhD in Physics), with a mission to become the source of information for busy fathers who need tools and tricks for making their newly created life with a child easier. 

Link to full review article:

Project Father's Best Low EMF Baby Monitor of 2021

Project Father's Website at

What Is EMF Radiation?

According to Project Father's article, "EMF (Electromagnetic Radiation) refers to the electromagnetic waves that emit from electronic devices. According to studies, EMF can affect the body’s nervous system and cause damage to cells. For babies, EMF radiation can be just as harmful."

Bebcare's Low Emissions Focused Mission

The Bebcare Motion digital video baby monitor and the Bebcare Hear digital audio baby monitor have secured 2 out of the 6 spots on this "Top Low EMF Baby Monitors of 2021" list. This is a testimony to the safety design of our low EMF emissions baby monitors.

Every Bebcare baby monitor is equipped with our DSR Digital Safe Radio technology, which reduces emissions by 96% in some cases. In addition, our unique white noise silencer feature completely eliminates background white noise that you don't need to hear, and improves the parent's sleep quality at night.

About Project Father

You can read the full article about the "Top 6 Low EMF Baby Monitors for 2021" on Project Father's website. The article link is below:

Dr. Balint Horvath, PhD. Founder of Project Father parenting website

Project Father's home page

- Dr. Christine Langer

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