Celebrating Low Emissions Nursery with TrulyMama

Celebrating Low Emissions Nursery with TrulyMama

Celebrating Low Emissions Nursery with TrulyMama

A blog post by Dr. Christine Langer

Bebcare proud to be rated a 5-star perfect baby monitor by TrulyMama! TrulyMama is an independent review and evaluation group focused on building a community. They share unbiased views on motherhood, the journey that leads up to the first moment you hold your precious baby, and the joyous days that follow as you both grow and explore in their first years. The website features honest product reviews, unfiltered stories, and celebrate the personal triumphs of moms around the world. 

Product Reviewed: Bebcare Motion Digital Low Emissions Video Baby Monitor
Rating Received: 
Review Link: https://www.trulymama.com/review/bebcare-motion-digital-video-baby-monitor-review/

Review of Bebcare Motion - The Best Baby Monitor of 2022 by TrulyMama Reviews


What Makes Bebcare Baby Monitors So Safe

Every Bebcare baby monitor is equipped with our unique DSR Digital Safe Radio technology. This is a wireless technology designed for baby use from the ground-up. With DSR technology, you know your baby monitor is extremely safe for your little one because it reduces wireless emissions by up to 95% in some cases.

Creating a low emissions home is an important topic in the minds of many parents. You can read more about the potential effects of wireless radiation on your baby. In addition, we created a simple guide to build a low emissions home for your family.

The Highest Rated Baby Monitor

Bebcare baby monitors have been highly rated by parents, review guides, and professional journals. We take pride in building the safest baby monitor with the lowest emissions and the highest safety standards.

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- Dr. Christine Langer

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