Ease Your Parenting Life with a Reliable Babycare Assistant

Ease Your Parenting Life with a Reliable Babycare Assistant

With a reliable baby monitor, you rest easy at night knowing a handy assistant is always keeping an eye on your little loved ones. Sometimes that's all you need to get a good night sleep.

Upgrade your babycare product suite in 2019 with a Bebcare premium baby monitor. The Bebcare Motion digital video monitor is one of the safest monitors on the market with our unique DSR zero-emission radio technology. 😊

Here are some tips from the Bebcare Parenting Club (join us!):

  1. Choose a model with a frequency of 800 MHz or higher. This reduces possible signal interference and increase clarity.
  2. Find a model with a "low-battery" light and warning. This handy feature alerts you when the monitor has lost its juice.
  3. Go wireless. A wireless receiver gives you the most options for finishing chores inside and outside the house. Look for one with a belt clip to free up your hands.
  4. Look for a model with a sound-activated light. Light flashes when it detects noise, so you can keep track of your infant while you're vacuuming, talking on the phone, or listening to music.
  5. Consider a video monitor. With video model you can tell at a glance that baby's still sleeping peacefully. Make sure there is night-vision function.

All of Bebcare's premium babycare baby monitors are designed with all of the above features in mind, plus more!

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