Simplicity in Bebcare Product Design

Simplicity in Bebcare Product Design
At Bebcare Baby, we are always looking for fun scenarios where technology can help parents with child care. While technology can help simplify life, it can give parents unnecessary headaches if it doesn't work. We set out to create the best baby monitor on the market.
That's why product simplicity and ease-of-use has always been a core design pillar at Bebcare Baby. Given how busy new-born parents already are, we really believe any technology baby care products should carry the following qualities:
1)  Extremely simple to use - we can't introduce a steep learning curve into your hectic new-born parent life. You're already busy enough as it is. All Bebcare baby products are designed to work right out of the box.
2)  Fail-safe - the product can't work 99% of the time, it has to work 100% of the time. Bebcare Baby takes pride in the reliability of our premium baby monitors.
3)  Safety still comes first - technology solves problems, but if it introduces new concerns then better play it safe. Our DSR wireless radio technology reduces emissions to zero when idle. We maintain a safe environment for your loved ones.
Our mission at Bebcare is to create the best baby monitor on the market. An essential babycare product that all newborn parents need in their arsenal.

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