This Mom Lost Her 8-Week-Old Baby to SIDS

This Mom Lost Her 8-Week-Old Baby to SIDS

This Mom Lost Her 8-Week-Old Baby to SIDS

A guest post by Dr. Christine Langer

In the dawn of April 10, 2018, Dana Guiver’s life changed forever.

She had been visiting her grandparents in Iowa with her two young daughters, Lindsay and Joan, aged 4 years old and 8-weeks-old respectively. The night time routine was the same as usual- Dana put Lindsay to sleep with a bedtime story and breastfed Joan at midnight then lay her back in the crib.

But, 3 hours later when Dana went to check in on Joan, something was horribly wrong. “She stopped breathing,” Dana told BEBCARE. “I froze. I didn’t know want to do, it was complete panic and helplessness. My husband began CPR for Joan and I called emergency”.

SIDS Cause Infant Death

We rushed Joan to the hospital where doctors tried everything they could to bring her back- but it was too late. Joan had been taken by Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

SIDS is the unexplained death, usually of a seemingly healthy infant less than 12 months old. It is the highest cause of infant death. Although there currently no measures to prevent or cure SIDS, there are ways you can help your baby sleep more safely.

Use a Bebcare Breathing Sensor Mat Paired with a Baby Monitor

The Bebcare Breathing Sensor Mat utilizes patented PEM technology to detect a baby’s breathing movements. With customizable sensitivity, you can adjust settings according to your parenting habits. Any cease or irregularities in your baby’s breathing will result in a loud alarm.

Bebcare Breathing Sensor Mat Prevents SIDS

Make Sure Your Baby is Sleeping on their Back

Place your baby to sleep on his or her back, rather than on the stomach or side, every time you — or anyone else — put the baby to sleep for the first year of life. This isn't necessary when your baby's awake or able to roll over both ways without help. The breathing sensor mat can be paired with any Bebcare Baby Monitor, so you can check if your baby has rolled over.

Keep Crib as Bare as Possible

Don't leave pillows, fluffy toys or stuffed animals in the crib. These can interfere with breathing if your baby's face presses against them. The Bebcare Mat goes underneath the mattress with no interfering counterparts to create the safest sleeping environment for your baby.

Keep Your Baby Cool

Don’t overheat your baby by covering their heads or use sleep clothing that doesn’t require additional covers. The Bebcare Baby Monitor has an inbuilt temperature sensor that allows you to keep a cool environment for your baby.

Parents will always be on a mission to seek out the safest baby products for their babies.

Not only does Bebcare have structured lab tests to bring you the most reliable monitor in the market, you can also watch over your baby knowing that they are protected from potential hazards of radiation with DSR technology. Use the Bebcare Mat and Bebcare Baby Monitors as a tool to help you practice the ABC’s of safe sleep practice, and protect your baby from the leading killer of infant death.

- Dr. Christine Langer

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