A Special Year and a Special Thanksgiving

A Special Year and a Special Thanksgiving

A Special Year and a Special Thanksgiving

A blog post by Brian Murphy

What a year this has been. I think most can reflect back on 2020 and say that this has been one of the most memorable years in their life time.

Our descendants do not believe that 2020 is the worst year ever. Of course, terrifying things are happening, but many of those things have happened in the past, too like the 1918 influenza pandemic that killed 50 million people. Plus, a tradition as old as humanity itself is the assumption that society is on the decline. In the fifth century B.C., even Ancient Athenians protested. That their democracy wasn't what it had been before. We call the conviction 'declinism,' or 'decline prejudice,' these days.

In Western society, people are still inclined to view current affairs negatively and seem to favor the past, according to study by Carey Morewedge, Professor of Marketing at Boston University. That's how our autobiographical memories seem to be optimistic. We prefer to recall good things as we think of the past. This is often referred to as "rosy retrospective," or "nostalgia bias."

Anyhow, Thanksgiving is a time we appreciate everything that we have and take for granted in the past. 2020 has taught us a tough lesson - not everything you can take it for granted. We realize that travel (especially international travel) is no longer a possibility, or at least not safe to do when you have kids.

With most of 2020 behind us, we want to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers and partners who have worked with Bebcare this year. We certainly look forward to a safer and healthier 2021 for everyone. 

- Brian Murphy

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