A WiFi Baby Monitor Saved my Life

A WiFi Baby Monitor Saved my Life

Using a Smart WiFi Baby monitor

A guest post by Dr. Christine Langer

In those first hazy days of parenting, I was very much taken by surprise. Things were entirely different from what I had read and my son didn’t have a care in the world about the schedules recommended in the baby books. Our house being quite big, I had to camp in his room for many nights in fear I may miss his crying screams for help. As someone who prides herself on high output and productivity, this arrangement didn’t seem the most efficient - I was busy all day with no visual results.

Bebcare iQ WiFi Baby Monitor

I didn’t know for sure if was the newborn phase, the need of making sure my son’s safe and happy or my work life I was accustomed to being thrown out the window- my anxiety was at an all time high. I needed to be by my son’s side, but I also needed some space to breathe. My husband was always out for work so I was solely responsible for my son. I didn’t know why it took so long but we finally decided to invest in a smart monitor to keep an eye on my son without having to be beside him 24 hours a day.


This gadget saved my life from the valleys of anxiety you get from parenting. I loved being able to check in on my son without journeying to the nursery. I loved being able to do house chores without having to constantly check in on him. Most importantly, I loved being able to enjoy some alone time.

Father Holding Baby Monitor

As my son reached 7 months, he was loud enough to wake me up at night if he needed help. He was slowly able to sleep through the night without waking up. I began to think, when is the right time to stop using the smart monitor? I gradually realized that it’s quite normal for a baby to be noisy when sleeping. They could be making all sorts of sounds but at this point, the only sound that required my attention was my son’s crying. When he was 2 months old, he used to whimper a sound that seemed like a cry and I would rush in his room every time, only to realize he was just dreaming. When you’ve grown as a parent and begin to understand how your child asks for your help, that’s the time to stop using the baby monitor.


It may seem like a short time, but the monitor is definitely a good investment because now I use it for all sorts of things- indoor security, for when my son is sick or even when I have friends over for dinner and I want to take an extra step to make sure I get the signal when my son needs me. At the end of the day, take advantage of these gadgets to help relieve you from the anxiety that comes with parenting.


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- Christine Langer

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  • Linda H

    A baby monitor would give so much peace of mind because It would decrease the frequent anxious trips to the baby’s room to check up on the baby.

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