How a Good Baby Monitor Helps

How a Good Baby Monitor Helps

How a Good Baby Monitor Helps

Bebcare Motion digital video baby monitor - the best video baby monitor on the market

The right baby monitor can save newborn parents headache if the product does its job right. A baby monitor is one of the essential must-have items to help parents keep an eye on the baby, 24/7, even when you are asleep.

That's why the Bebcare team has designed a premium baby monitor that has industry leading battery life of 65 hours, and wireless range of 600m. This is more than 3 times better than other baby monitors on the market. Bebcare monitor is the best performing baby monitor you can buy.

The Bebcare baby monitor range uses a proprietary wireless technology that makes NO sacrifice between safety and performance. In the world of baby products, safety is the utmost important factory when considering a purchase. Bebcare's unique DSR radio enhances wireless range, while reducing power consumption by over 90%.

Bebcare baby monitors represent the best baby monitor in the premium babycare category. Our suite of digital audio, video, and WiFi baby monitors covers a wide range of needs.

  1. Bebcare Hear: a simple, no-frills digital audio monitor with rich features
  2. Bebcare Motion: a super premium, simple to use digital video monitor with full pan-and-tilt function
  3. Bebcare iQ HD Camera: a high-tech, smart WiFi baby monitor that you can use anywhere. It has a hybrid audio unit that works at home

Choosing the right baby monitor will help you sleep better at night, knowing that you will know right away when your baby cries. Getting a good night sleep is easier than every with Bebcare premium babycare monitors!

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