W.H.O. Says – No Screens for Your Baby (Part 2)

W.H.O. Says – No Screens for Your Baby (Part 2)

W.H.O. Says – No Screens for Your Baby (Part 2)

A Guest Post by R Blank, CEO of Shield Your Body (link)

This is Part 2 of a two part blog about protecting your baby from EMF waves. Read Part 1 here.

Blue Light Exposure

Blue light is one of the radiations that lie in the visible light section of the electromagnetic spectrum.

We get our daily exposure to blue light from the sun. And since the sun has been with the human race since the beginning, our circadian rhythm is regulated by the blue light it emits.

Simply put, when you see blue light, your body triggers activity mode. When you stop seeing blue light, your body activates rest mode.

This is encoded in our DNA. So, whether you’re a baby or an adult, the function of your circadian rhythm remains the same.

Now, there wouldn’t be any problem if our exposure to blue light was only from the sun. When it sets in the evening, our bodies get an adequate amount of time without blue light exposure, allowing us to rest.

The problem is that our modern gadgets with screens also produce the same kind of blue light.

And since we don’t stop using them when the sun goes down, our bodies can never really activate the rest mode, and our sleep quality is diminished.

EMF Exposure

The younger you are, the less resilient your body is to EMF-induced damages.
The term EMF stands for electromagnetic fields (some people also refer to EMF as EMR or electromagnetic radiation). It’s a type of energy that exists in various forms all around us.

There are some natural EMF sources, like sunlight, and there are artificial sources, like our electronic gadgets and electrical appliances.

Prolonged exposure to human-made EMF has been known to cause problems ranging from minor sleep disorders to chronic diseases like cancer.

And according to research, these effects intensify when it comes to babies and children.

So, when you’re distracting your baby with your phone, you’re actually exposing them to powerful EMF emissions that can cause several types of damage to their physiological and neurological being.

Learn more about the effects of EMF on your baby and the things you can do to alleviate them in my post, “Babies and EMF: Why the Young Have More Health Risks.

Instead of Using Screens…

So, now that we’re in agreement that you shouldn’t expose your baby to screens, at least not until they’re a bit older, here are some things you can give them instead for their better physical, mental, psychological, and emotional well-being.

EMF-Free Offline Toys

If you need some “me time,” you can distract your baby with some EMF-free offline toys instead of giving them your phone.

I recommend STEM toys. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and these toys expose babies and children to these fields early on in their lives.

Among many other benefits, EMF-free STEM toys help your baby develop:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Creativity
  • And motor coordination skills

These skills will help them a lot later in their lives. There are thousands of EMF-free STEM toys in the market; simply search online for “EMF-free STEM toys.”

Play With Your Baby

As I already mentioned, babies develop emotional and social intelligence by observing their parents. So, playtime with parents is one of the most crucial aspects of your baby’s development.

If you’re stuck on ideas about activities you can do with your baby, I recommend this list from Very Well Family.

Go On a Walk

As you may already know, fresh air and sunshine have well-documented benefits. But going on a walk with your baby has other benefits too.
The vibrant new scents, colors, and exciting sounds like airplanes and birds stimulate their senses. This results in:

  • Better sleep
  • Healthier brain development
  • Better physiological development
  • Socialization and enhanced emotional intelligence
  • And more…

Read Them Bedtime Stories

It may not surprise you to know that reading bedtime stories to your baby has many benefits. Research studies suggest that reading stories to your baby every night:

  • Enriches their language development
  • Grows their imagination and appreciation for stories
  • Gives them an outlet for empathy.
  • Builds their vocabulary for a well-spoken adulthood
  • Encourages conversation and engagement
  • And more…

So, instead of distracting your baby with a phone and watching their fun reactions, pick up a kiddie book, and start reading.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot more things that you can do besides the tips I mentioned for the healthier growth of your young one. All it needs is a little more effort from your end.

So, start making that effort for the baby’s physical, mental, psychological, and emotional being.

Happy parenting!

Editor's Note: We would like to thank R. Blank, CEO of ShieldYourBody for this insightful article.


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