ūüė∑ Bebcare's Coronavirus Response

ūüė∑ Bebcare's Coronavirus Response

ūüė∑ Bebcare's Coronavirus Response

A Blog Post by Juliana T.

ūüĎá Please check the latest status updates at the bottom of this page. Latest update on 29th November 2021. See the last section of this page.

At Bebcare, we’re committed to helping parents and our communities in adapting to the uncertain times created by the Coronavirus. As parents ourselves, we understand the level of uncertainty and discomfort that may have entered into your lives in recent two months.

Bebcare products are being ordered by many families across the world in the safety of their own homes. During uncertainty times like these, we hope all families can stay indoors and avoid crowded areas to keep their loved ones safe.

Fulfillment of our online purchases are back to normal. You can purchase Bebcare baby monitoring systems directly at the official shop.bebcare.com. Fulfillment times may be slightly longer than usual for certain countries, but our fulfillment staff are working their hardest to get your Bebcare baby monitor to you as quickly and safely as possible.

Bebcare has donated 20 sets of Bebcare baby monitors to children's hospital to assist hospital staff in caring for their patients. If your family has been severely affected by the Coronavirus and would like to have financial assistance in obtaining a baby monitoring system for your child, please reach out to use at hello@bebcare.com. 

✅UPDATES 29/11/2021: Our fulfillment warehouse staff are back in the office from the wonderful Thanksgiving vacation. The whole team is busy fulfilling all the orders from our Thanksgiving sales event. All shipments are normal and being fulfilled in a timely basis.

✅UPDATES 22/11/2021: Shipments to continental Europe have now resumed. Customers should expect extended shipping times to areas with heavier COVID-19 cases, including Germany and the Netherlands.

✅UPDATES 09/11/2021: We are excited to share news that all United Kingdom shipments will utilize Hermes Shipping services for the domestic leg. Hermes shipping provides a higher quality service compared to its competitors. Their network of fulfillment hubs and couriers provide an efficient, reliable, and secure way to ship packages in the UK during the pandemic.

✅UPDATES 03/11/2021: Bebcare baby monitors are now available at Walmart Canada! This is an exciting news that we would like to share with our Canadian customers. You can check out the Walmart Canada online product listings at this link.

✅UPDATES 29/10/2021: We are now offering 2-day international shipping service to most countries in Asia, including Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and South Korea. Express shipping service is provided by FedEx and UPS, depending on destination country.

✅UPDATES 17/10/2021: Shipments to Singapore has resumed and operating normally.

✅UPDATES 07/10/2021: Orders with shipping address in Japan may experience a longer than usual shipping times. This is due to a change in the service level agreement for domestic Japanese couriers as a result of the pandemic. There is no longer a guaranteed 2-day shipping service for Japan order.

✅UPDATES 30/09/2021: The Bebcare Motion digital video baby monitor is now back in stock and available directly at our official shop at shop.bebcare.com!

✅UPDATES 19/09/2021: The Bebcare Motion is back-ordered until September 30th due to popular demand. Please note that fulfillment for orders placed this week will be fulfilled at the end of next week.

✅UPDATES 06/09/2021: The Bebcare Air baby air purifier is currently backordered due to popular demand. We expect the Air to be back in stock in early October.

✅UPDATES 26/08/2021: Shipments to Japan are delayed due to a new wave of Coronavirus outbreak in the country. Air freight schedule is limited. Customers with shipping addresses in Japan have been contacted regarding options.

✅UPDATES 17/08/2021: The Canadian Border Services Agency strike action has ended. We expect all Canadian shipments to resume back to normal operation.

✅UPDATES 09/08/2021: The Canadian Border Services Agency strike is on-going and affects all shipments arriving into Canada. Canadian customers should expect an extended shipment time because of the additional time required to clear the Canadian customs.

✅UPDATES 29/07/2021: The Customs and Immigration Union (CIU) and Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) unions, representing 9,000 Border Services employees at the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA), announced that their members have voted in favor of strike action. While negotiations are ongoing, this could take place as early as August 6th, 2021.

If there is a strike, you may experience delays with your ground and air shipments to Canada due to a reduction in CBSA operational activity. 

‚úÖUPDATES 18/07/2021: Due to emergency flooding situation in Western Europe, shipments to certain regions in Germany and Belgium are suspended.

✅UPDATES 13/07/2021: Shipments to Italy are temporarily suspended due to shipping courier restrictions.

‚úÖUPDATES 06/07/2021: The popular Bebcare Air baby air purifier with triple layer filter is temporarily out of stock due to popular demand. This purifier has been extremely popular throughout the pandemic due to its virus purification capabilities. Once the product is back in stock, an announcement will be made in Bebcare Blog.

✅UPDATES 27/06/2021: Due to a new wave of COVID-19 in Taiwan, shipping couriers have limited service to the region. We expect longer than normal shipping times to Taiwan.

✅UPDATES 17/06/2021: Canadian customs clearance process is taking longer than usual. Parents from Canada should expect an extended shipping times of 6-12 days for Canadian shipments.

✅UPDATES 08/06/2021: We encourage our staff, partners, and affiliates to participate in the COVID-19 vaccination program. We are now happy to announce that all of Bebcare staff have been fully vaccinated. This ensures the safety of our staff and their families, and provides a peace of mind to our end customers around the world. You can learn more about how you can get your COVID-19 vaccination from CDC's website (link). Over 304 million doses of vaccination have been administered in the US as of 8th June 2021.

✅UPDATES 26/05/2021: Shipments to Singapore and Taiwan have resumed. Deliveries to the above two regions may experience slightly extended shipping times compared to normal service levels.

‚úÖUPDATES 12/05/2021: We are currently working with humanitarian groups to find a suitable channel to donate 10 sets of Bebcare Hear audio monitors to healthcare workers in India. Please contact hello@bebcare.com if you have a referral in India who can assist us with this effort. This donation of our baby monitor is a commitment from Bebcare to provide assistance to healthcare professionals during times of crisis.

✅UPDATES 06/05/2021: Due to a severe outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic in India, all non-emergency shipments have been halted by UPS and FedEx to ensure the safety of their staff. Orders with shipping address in India and Nepal will be automatically cancelled until further notice.

✅UPDATES 30/04/2021: The Bebcare Hear digital audio baby monitor is now back in stock. The brand new version of the Hear baby monitor is available for fulfillment immediately. Customers who have ordered the Bebcare Hear previously are being informed of the shipment tracking number.

✅UPDATES 20/04/2021: Shipments to Iceland have been paused due to lack of air freight scheduling. Island customers will be contacted individually to update their order status.

✅UPDATES 06/04/2021: Shipments to Italy are temporarily suspended due to shipping courier restrictions relating to the new wave of COVID-19. We will be reaching out to customers with shipping addresses in Italy.

✅UPDATES 23/03/2021: Due to a new wave of Coronavirus in Europe, European shipments may experience a longer than normal shipment times. We are monitoring the situation with our European fulfillment partners. Lockdowns affect the domestic delivery service in certain countries.

✅UPDATES 12/03/2021: Airline shipping surcharge is applied for shipments to the Middle East region, including UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia. This surcharge is levied by the shipping courier due to current freight situation. Certain regions may not have service due to limited freight schedule.

✅UPDATES 26/02/2021: Shipping to Japan is paused due to new shipping courier restrictions. Japan customers are notified by email of the delay and are given the option to cancel the order.

✅UPDATES 09/02/2021: Due to disruption in the global supply chain related to COVID-19, the Bebcare Hear digital audio baby monitor is slightly back-ordered. We will email Bebcare Hear customers individually to offer suggestions on the situation. This does not affect any other baby monitors. The Bebcare Motion and Bebcare iQ are shipping normally.

✅UPDATES 01/02/2021: Shipments to the United Kingdom are resuming to more normal times. There are still delays observed at the UK import customs clearance process. We anticipate clearance to take 4-7 days on average.

✅UPDATES 23/01/2021: This update is a continuation of the situation with the Canadian customs clearance. Canadian shipments currently requires 5-7 business days to clear the customs. This is related to the large number international shipments going into Canada around the holiday season, and the lack of staff at customs department due to COVID-19.

✅UPDATES 13/01/2021: We are experiencing some delays with Canadian shipments. The customs clearance process is taking longer than usual (normal clearance duration is 1-2 days).

✅UPDATES 04/01/2021: Happy New Year! Domestic and global fulfillment services have resumed back to normal levels. Domestic and Canadian shipments continue to be normal.

✅UPDATES 22/12/2020: We expect to see a spike in shipment traffic due to the Holiday season coming up in 2 weeks. We suggest customers in US, Canada, and around the world to place their Christmas order early. Orders placed this week will be received by the customer before Christmas holidays.

✅UPDATES 03/12/2020: Due to a spike on shipment traffic from Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Holiday season, domestic US shipments may take a few more days to arrive. We have seen an increase in delivery timeframe by 1 to 2 days for most states.

✅UPDATES 23/11/2020: All products are back in stock. Domestic US and Canadian shipments are normal, with an expected shipment time of 2-4 days.

✅UPDATES 13/11/2020: Due to a sudden surge of reported Coronavirus cases in Spain/Germany/France, we are seeing slower shipment times in these affected countries. Shipping couriers have limited service due to government lock downs and travel restrictions. If you are ordering from mainland Europe, please expect an extended fulfillment timeframe.

✅UPDATES 30/10/2020: Order fulfillment in domestic United States remains normal. Our couriers are delivering packages in a timely manner.

✅UPDATES 22/10/2020: We have reached out to individual customers whose product fulfillment was delayed due to logistics network disruption caused by COVID-19. An email with your order number in the subject is sent from our official domain.

✅UPDATES 07/10/2020: We have paused shipments to Turkey and Greece. This is due to the lack of freight flights available. Customers from these regions have the option of cancelling their orders or waiting for fulfillment at a later date.

✅UPDATES 24/09/2020: We have installed a UV-C disinfectant system at our warehouse. The system is used to sanitize the nonporous surfaces of every Bebcare baby monitor before it is shipped. According to the FDA and a previous study, UV-C light exposure is believed to be able to inactivate the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

✅UPDATES 10/09/2020: Shipping to New Zealand may experience extended delays due to lack of air freight. We are working with UPS and FedEx to see the fastest available options. Customers may contact us for options if they do not want to wait for their Bebcare baby monitor shipment to arrive.

✅UPDATES 03/09/2020: The Bebcare Hear digital audio baby monitor is temporarily back ordered, with an expected delivery date in mid-October. Please note the latest delivery date when you place an order for the monitor. If you need immediate delivery, please purchase the award-winning Bebcare Motion instead.

✅UPDATES 28/08/2020: All orders in the continental US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand are fulfilling normally. Short delays due to the shipping courier may occur occasionally. Please note that the UPS online tracking status may not be the most up to date. However, this tracking status does not affect the delivery of your order.

✅UPDATES 12/08/2020: We are currently unable to fulfill any orders with shipping destination in Hawaii, US. Orders will be automatically cancelled.

✅UPDATES 04/08/2020: Shipping to the United Kingdom has now resumed normal operation. The expected shipping time has shortened to 1-3 days.

✅UPDATES 23/07/2020: Shipping to some parts of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines may be impacted by a longer shipment time. This is caused by a longer than usual custom clearance time, as their customs departments are working through a backlog of international shipments.

✅UPDATES 08/07/2020: Due to the high demand for the Bebcare Air baby purifier product, fulfillment times are slower than normal. We have a backlog of purifier orders that we are working hard to clear through. Shipping updates will be provided in a timely manner to our customers.

‚úÖUPDATES 26/06/2020: We are seeing extended shipping delays of 7-14 days for packages going to the UK. The UK customs are overwhelmed by the amount of shipment packages entering the country. We are informing UK customers to be patient while the packages are being cleared by the customs department.

✅UPDATES 12/06/2020: Shipments to Australia has resumed 90% normal fulfillment times. While we still see occasional delays, shipments to major cities in Australia are arriving within the SLA period of major shipping couriers.

✅UPDATES 01/06/2020: We have paused shipments to New Zealand until freight service becomes available again. There are no flights available for packages heading to New Zealand at the moment.

✅UPDATES 15/05/2020: Shipments throughout Americas continue to operate as normal. There may be delays for packages going to remote regions of the country, including Hawaii and Alaska, but overall packages are being delivered normally. Customers may experience a slightly extended shipment times.

✅UPDATES 11/05/2020: As a safety precaution, our fulfillment staff disinfects every outbound package with a disinfectant that is safe for baby use. We want to ensure the safety of both our staff and our customers.


- Juliana T.

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