Regaining a Good Night Sleep with Voice Activation

Regaining a Good Night Sleep with Voice Activation

Regaining a Good Night Sleep with Voice Activation

A Blog Post by Dr. Christine Langer

Sleep deprivation is perhaps the single most common problems with new parents. According to a new study, new parents loses up to 3 hours per night during the first six months of parenthood. On average, new parents are getting anywhere from 4-5 hours of sleep per night. If you are a sleep junkie, this is really bad news for you.

The insightful survey found the following results after surveying more than a thousand parents about their journey. New parents are spending nearly 5 hours a day doing the following tasks — all efforts just to try and get that sweet baby to sleep:

  • 41 minutes driving around trying to get their baby to sleep
  • 1 hour 21 minutes walking baby
  • 1 hour 46 minutes feeding baby
  • 34 minutes reading to baby

That's an astounding result on how much time we have spent bringing up our little angel. But here is the good news, Bebcare baby monitors can help you regain your much needed sleep. Read on below to find out more.

Most baby monitors on the market aren't "smart", meaning they remain turned on at all times. This presents two major problems. First, the baby monitor is constantly emitting a high dose of wireless EMF, which is proven to be not good for your baby. Long term effects of constant EMF exposure includes learning disabilities such as ADHD. Second, the parent unit stays on all the time, meaning it requires your active attention to observe if your baby needs you. This defeats the whole purpose of a baby monitor, which is to alert you only when your baby needs you.

Bebcare baby monitors are designed with smart voice activation. All of our baby monitors automatically enters into a sleep mode when your baby doesn't need you. For example, the parent unit on the Bebcare Motion digital video baby monitor shuts off completely when it doesn't detect sound nor motion in your baby's nursery after a short period of time.

All of this smart design on Bebcare baby monitor means you get to regain your sleep. We have combined decades of experience designing baby monitors and being parents ourselves to know what our customers are looking for. Safety, performance, ease-of-use establishes the core ethos of our design.

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- Dr. Christine Langer

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